Does the installation cause disruption?

Installation can be done as directed to ensure the least amount of disruption.

How long does the installation take?

Hardware & system installation is usually completed in 20 hours.

Is the system accurate if the freight is moving?

Yes our solution works within an inch of accuracy weather it is static or moving on a conveyor belt.

Does the system need a large space for equipment to be implemented?

Our hardware is small and can be placed in virtually any scenario.

How does the AVA team support post deployment?

Support is provided by on-site installer and is supported remotely 24/7 by the AVA team.

Does AVA need to be on the facility’s LAN?

No, it has its own LAN.

Does AVA need connectivity? How much?

The only bandwidth required is for uploading summary / report data if stored outside the building. The small amount of data is usually transferred at night. Online connectivity 24x7 lets the remote support reach the system anytime and is recommended, but not required.

Does it meet privacy standards?

Yes, no personal identifiers are collected and no images are taken.

Does it record video?

No it does not record videos, all analysis is 100% computers and machine learning.