AVA retail

Whether it involves standard or highly complex applications, AVA offers you a flexible and future oriented solution, individually tailored to address your specific requirements. Our smart logistics sensor and data analytics platform can be easily configured and deployed for trucks, air shipments, containers for sea or rail and much more.


  • Shipping-Managers


    With AVA IOT Cargo, shipping managers can add efficiencies in their processes to maximize profits and reduce costs. Automation improves accuracy, allows for better customer service and reduces disputes. Freight handlers can optimize space in the warehouse, trailer or on a pallet.

  • Terminal-Operators


    Terminal operators can better manage and move freight with accurate dimensions. Enhance cargo volume and improve speed of handling, limit damage and improve theft prevention. Cargo vessel containers can be maximized to capacity adding revenue. Automation allows for increased productivity and focus on other priorities.

  • Warehouse-Managers


    Accurate dimensional information is critical to a successful process. Our solution increases productivity by eliminating manual methods of measuring & data collection. Optimize space, accurate dimensions allow for every inch to be maximized within the Warehouse. Freight handlers can build stable pallets and fill trailers with optimum loads.

  • Logistics


    Supply chain and logistics managers can utilize data to reduce overall shipping costs.Accurate measurements allow for fuller shipments. Data on corrugate need helps manage cost and reduce carton fill.

  • Cargo-Freight-Agents-Freight-Forwarder


    Accurate dimensions help determine the best case scenario for shipping methods, routes and better guidance on pricing options. Cargo and freight agents can utilize package tracking across the globe to better communicate and service clients with shipments and time sensitive deliveries.

  • Loss-Prevention


    Package tracking allows shippers and receivers to feel confident with high value merchandise loads.

Our solution adds value with ease of deployment and minimal hardware.

Data gathered is used for your business’ benefit; both real time and over time with predictive analysis.

Our innovative internet of things (IOT) enabled solution can intelligently monitor your operations, provide superior customer service by providing real-time information to customers and add value to your business.

Evolving solutions support simulation, predictive capabilities and modeling to reduce costs, and improve service levels in real time.

Does the installation cause disruption?

Installation can be done as directed to ensure the least amount of disruption.

How long does the installation take?

Hardware & system installation is usually completed in 20 hours.

Is the system accurate if the freight is moving?

Yes our solution works within an inch of accuracy whether it is static or moving on a conveyor belt.

Does the system need a large space for equipment to be implemented?

Our hardware is small and can be placed in virtually any scenario.