AVA retail
Customer Insight Analytics and Executive Dashboard

AVA’s sensors capture the customer’s journey throughout their banking experience. Our solution captures every stop, how long they spent, down to product specific insights. We can help financial institutions understand customer behavior and deliver rich insights on how they navigate the space and experience bank offerings.
AVA gives the banking industry a solution that can help build new customers, retain existing clients and grow services existing accounts.

  • Maximize existing bank retail space.
  • Address pain points for customers, avoid long wait times for specific services.
  • Leverage banking staff for peak times and services.


Delivering a consistent, high level experience is key to customer retention. Customer service in the digital age must begin to incorporate consumer emotion into the equation. Banks deal with millions of dollars every day and have focused on making the process easier and more convenient. The consumer is very emotionally tied to their finances, banks today have an opportunity to build trust, and win loyalty by addressing the consumers’ needs at a deeper level beyond the transaction itself.


Understand how a customer is feeling during their experience by capturing their sentiments during their bank visit. Were they pleased with the teller experience? Were they frustrated waiting for a banker?

  • How is the customer feeling as they enter the bank vs. how they felt as they left.
  • Understand sentiments as customers are interacting with staff.
  • What are the reactions of bank patrons as they interact with different elements within the bank?
  • Kiosks
  • Complimentary beverages
  • Waiting area
  • Opening new accounts
    • Checking
    • Savings
  • Loans & credit
    • Home mortgages
    • Personal or business loans or lines of credit
    • Home equity lines of credit
    • Auto loans
    • Student loans
    • Credit cards
  • Product & services
    • Investing
    • Retirement planning