Smart Restaurant FAQ

Security, is my information safe?

Reporting Data is stored under encryption, a computer processes all information, 100% machine based. The system passes privacy standards without any footprint.

Does the system record videos?

No, it does not record videos or even a single frame, all is 100% machine based.

Does it meet privacy standards?

Yes, it does not collect any personal identifiers and no images are taken.

Does the installation cause store disruption during business hours?

No, installation can be completed outside of regular operating hours.

How much actual time does the installation take per establishment?

Hardware & system installation takes about 20 hours or 2 nights.

How does AVA support post deployment?

Support is provided on-site by the local installer, and remotely by AVA retail 24/7.

Does AVA need to be on the restaurant’s LAN?

No, it has its own LAN and does not need to burden the restaurants.

Does AVA need internet connectivity? How Much?

The only bandwidth required is for uploading summary / report data if it is stored outside the restaurant. This small amount of data is usually transferred at night. Online connectivity 24/7 lets the remote support reach the system anytime and is recommended, but not required.