Automating Retail Through "Frictionless" Checkout


According to a recent study, retailers are expected to invest more than $20 billion per year in the digital transformation of the industry. For consumers, one of the most visible aspects of this transformation will be the growth of cashierless checkout. A newly-formed company, AVA retail, is poised at the forefront of this trend.

AVA refers to the experience as “frictionless” checkout. This isn’t just the self-serve lane at the grocery store we’re talking about; AVA retail deploys internet of things (IoT) sensors within physical retail locations in order to create digital footprints of in-store shoppers, store associates and store inventory. The data is then converted into analytics in order to drive better shopping experiences, maximize staffing efficiency and push for a higher sales conversion rate.

While hardware optimized with AI, deep learning, computer vision and sensor fusion underpins the technology, the frictionless checkout experience is far simpler from a customer point-of-view. Shoppers simply need to enter a store with a phone; there’s no app that needs to be opened. Creating a "pick-and-go" experience for food shopping is a particular focus for AVA; the technology can be used for just about any type of snack bar or quick-serve restaurant that might otherwise be closed during odd hours.

AVA’s product suite for brick-and-mortar retailers also includes “smart” shelves, displays and mobile apps offering personalized promotional content to shoppers.

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