AVA CEO Talks Creating a System to Compete with Amazon Go


AVA retail, utilizing the “internet of things” has created a smooth, quick and easy solution that transforms store visits for the customer and the retailer. Our frictionless experience allows the customer to check in, shop and automatically check out without ever having to stand in line.

Once a customer enters the store, checks in via the AVA SmoothShop app, (or through the retailer’s app) AVA SmoothShop does the rest. Our system validates every item selected and holds them in our SmoothShop Cart, intelligently removing any products that may have been placed back on the shelf. Once the customer has left they instantly receive a confirmation and receipt on their smartphone. It’s that easy! AVA SmoothShop enables friction free, self-checkout!

AVA SmoothShop puts the customer first, offering a convenient and time saving option for shopping on the go.

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